Ecological Solutions

Gamma Ecological Solutions is headquartered in Bolzano and has been active in exports / imports of hazardous and non-toxic waste material, for the purposes of disposal or recovery, since 2003.

Authorisations and certifications

Over the years, Gamma has obtained registration in the Italian Waste Brokerage Register (Cat. 8-B).

In 2009 the group Gamma was chosen by the Regione Lombardia to be a participant in the SITT project (Cross-Border Transport of waste Information System).

Today the Gamma group is a leader in the sector and offers a full range of services tailored to all your needs. By acting as a transporter, intermediary and, at request, as notifier, Gamma is able to offer an “ALL-INCLUSIVE” service, saving you costs and time. For customers and recipients Gamma is a solid organization that interfaces daily with different European realities, taking care of all the linguistic, legal and economic aspects.


Technical consulting

Technical consulting, ADR, CE 1013/2006, OCSE, TRGS 519-517, SITT, RENTRI, REGULATION (UE) 2024/1157

Identification of foreign plants

Identification of foreign plants for the recovery or disposal adapted to your needs

Management of procedures

Compiling the dossier and the management of the cross-border notification procedure

Certified translations

Certified translations

Authorities and controls

Managing relations with the national and international supervisory authorities

Managing logistics

Managing the multimodal international logistics

Stipulation of sureties

Stipulation of sureties for the Ministry of Environment Decree 370/98

Document management

Document management, obtaining certificate of correct disposal and closure of the file with the release of the sureties.

A unique partner for your project

Strengthened by thirty years of experience in international business, we guarantee the highest professional standads, neutrality and confidentiality.

Gamma has several partnerships with plants and landfills, both Italian and foreign, to be able to offer solutions for most of the EWC codes and provide a single point of reference for all activities related to the consultancy, collection, transfer and the disposal or recovery of your waste.