Deoxyl Gold

Ethylene converter

Ethylene converters

ISOLCELL has developed a new ethylene scrubber, increasing its performance by 30% and drastically reducing energy consumption. Deoxyl Gold has a revolutionary heat recovery system that minimizes the temperature difference between the air entering and exiting the scrubber.
The scrubber removes ethylene using forced air recirculation over a catalytic bed kept at around 250 °C. The process, based on the C2H4 + 3 O2 > 2 CO2 + 2 H2O reaction, is characterized by a very high conversion efficiency of the catalyst, which has been specially designed for this application.


The superior quality of the catalyst used is proven by the fact that the yield remains unchanged over time, even in machines that have been in service for over 25 years. Isolcell’s DEOXYL line has been marketed for over 50 years and, thanks to the high quality of the components used, they are well-known to be durable and maintenance-free.

Operating economy

The careful design of the catalytic chamber together with the innovative heat recovery system, ensure that the heat introduced into the cell by the Deoxyl Gold is irrelevant; also, machinery connected to several cells, can be periodically shut down on the disabled cells, reducing energy consumption by up to 70%. This innovative ethylene scrubber also offers a fast heating function, which drastically reduces the time needed to reach the operating temperature and, therefore, also reduces consumption; this function can also run the device based on the real-time analysis of the ethylene in the storage cell and optimize its operating times. The optimization of the catalysis temperature control has further improved the performance of the new Deoxyl Gold, which is the most modern and high-performance catalytic ethylene converter currently on the market.

Guarantee of flow rate and flexibility of use

A further innovation of the GOLD model compared to other catalytic purifiers commonly available on the market consists in an inverter that ensures both its performance, by maintaining the nominal flow rate even with different back pressures, and its flexibility of use, by providing the possibility to change the flow rate depending on the number of cells connected or the quantity of product stored, to increase efficiency or reduce consumption.

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