PVC gas-tight pipe

The PVC gas-tight pipe sleeves that pass through the room walls for analysis pipes, nitrogen injection, carbon dioxide scrubbing circuit, overpressure valves, breathing bags and all necessary components for operation of the controlled atmosphere plant.


The Isolcell’s manometers are equipped with a 25mm water column mounted on a wood panel, for the reading of pressure variations occurring in the storage room.

Pressure breathing bags

The pressure breathing bags are constructed of PVC, reinforced with nylon, to compensate for the pressure occurring in the rooms during plant operation.

Overpressure valves

The PVC Flap overpressure valves have a diamenter of 100mm, to control pressure and vacuums occurring in the storage rooms during normal plant operation.


The header in galvanized steel is used to centralize the carbon dioxide scrubbing circuit and the control of nitrogen injection into the rooms. Equipped with pneumatic butterfly valves, complete with double effect actuator.

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